DTI Bible Lands Itinerary 2017 (Tentative!)

Trip of a lifetime to Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey (17 day trip)

Departure early to mid March, 2017

Pricing will be available late March 2016.

This trip requires a minimum 16 participants

and will be limited to a maximum 24 travelers.

Bible Content: Old Testament, New Testament, Life of Jesus, Early Church

General Bible outline of each country/region:


Journey of Abraham

Egyptian Captivity of Israel – Land of Goshen

Exile of Jeremiah

Home of Jesus as a toddler


The Exodus – The Sinai Wilderness

Mount Sinai

Jordan (South)

Land of the Edomites

Land of the Moabites

Land of the Ammonites

The Nabateans

Jordan (North) – ancient eastern Israel

Territory of Manasseh, Reubenites, Gadites

Jordan River

Cities of the Decapolis

Israel (South) – ancient western Israel (Judea)

Territory of Judah, Benjamin, Simeon

Dead Sea & Negev


Israel (North) – ancient western Israel (Northern Kingdom of Israel)

Territory of Manasseh, Dan, Naphtali, Issachar, Ephraim

Cities of the Decapolis

Galilee (and area)

Nazareth & Capernaum (Home towns of Jesus)

Bashan (Golan Heights)

Jordan River

Headwaters of the Jordan River

Turkey (Istanbul)

Constantinople / Byzantium

Eastern Roman Empire / Early Church


Day 1 - Depart from JFK, New York (8:45 pm / 20:45) [Sleep on flight, Turkish Air]

Day 2 - Arrive IST, Istanbul, Turkey (12:20 pm / 12:20) Hagia Sophia, The Milion - Mile Marker 0, Basilica Cistern, Hippodrome & Obelisks, Blue Mosque, [stay at Hotel near airport]

Egypt and Sinai

Day 3 - Depart IST, Istanbul (6:25 am / 06:25), Arrive CAI, Cairo, Egypt (8:50 am / 08:50) Sphinx [Morning for best photos], Giza Pyramids (Enter Queen’s Pyramid / Optional Camel Ride), Egyptian Museum (Merneptah Stele, King Tut, etc.)  [Sofitel LeSphinx Hotel, Cairo, 5 star]

Day 4 - Dashur (Enter Red Pyramid / Bent Pyramid / Queens Pyramid), Memphis, Saqqara: Step Pyramid (Djoser) / Unas Causeway / Butcher’s Tomb (Tomb of Irukaptah) / Tomb of Niankhkhnum & Khnumhotep (Two Brothers) / Tomb of Ptahhotep I / Mastaba of Ti (Tomb of Ty, burial chamber) / Teti Pyramid / The Serapeum  [Sofitel LeSphinx Hotel, Cairo, 5 star]  

Day 5 - Land of Goshen: Bubastis, Pithom (Tell el-Maskhuta), Succoth (Tell el-Retaba), Fortress of Tjaru (Tell-Huba or Tell el-Habua, near Qantara or Kantara), stay at Lake Timsah on Suez Canal [Mercure Hotel in Ismailia, 4+ star]

Day 6 - Sinai: Ayun Musa (Moses Spring), Elim (Wadi Gharandel), Rephadim (Wadi Feran), arrive at Mt. Sinai. [Stay at or near St. Catherine's]

Day 7 - Optional climb of Mt. Sinai (for sunrise) or optional morning camel ride at Mt. Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery, travel through southern Sinai to Taba


Day 7 continued - Ferry crossing to Aqaba, Jordan.  Follow "king’s highway" from Aqaba, Jordan to Nabatean Petra [Beit Zeman or Petra Panorama Hotel, unique 4 star]

Day 8 - All day at the amazing stone city of Nabatean Petra [Beit Zeman or Petra Panorama Hotel, unique 4 star]

Day 9 - Sodom (Bab Edh-Dhra), King Herod’s Fortress of Machaerus, Madaba, Mount Nebo [Stay at Dead Sea Resort]   

Day 10 - Amman (upper and lower ruins & museum), Bethany Beyond the Jordan (Jesus’ Baptism Site), Dead Sea Swim [Stay at Dead Sea Resort]

Day 11 - Jabbock River, Tell Deir Alla, Pella, Jerash [Stay at Dead Sea Resort again or in Amman, Geneva Hotel, 4 star]


Day 12 - Cross into Israel: Qumran Ruins, En-Gedi Spring, King Herod’s Fortress of Masada [Stay at Dead Sea Resort]

Day 13 - Head to Galilee.  Sussita (Hippos), Capernaum, Mount of Beatitudes, Magdala, Jesus Boat (Kibbutz Ginosar), Boat on Sea of Galilee. [Stay on Galilee at Kibbutz Ein Gev Guest House, 4 star]

Day 14 - Nazareth (St. Gabriels/Basilica of the Annunciation/Home of Jesus [Sisters of Nazareth Convent]), Caesarea Philippi (Grotto of Pan / Palace), Tel Dan [Stay on Galilee at Kibbutz Ein Gev Guest House, 4 star]

Day 15 - Go up to Jerusalem, Western Wall, Temple Mount Tunnel, First Century Rolling Stone Tomb (Herod family tomb in park outside of Jaffa Gate), City of David, Hezekiah's Water Tunnel, Pool of Siloam [Stay in Jerusalem, 4 star]

Day 16 - Old Roman Road at Wadi Qilt (alt Qelt), Jerusalem: Mount of Olives, Gethsemane (private garden), Caiaphas' Palace (St. Peter in Gallicantu), Underground complex at the Tower of David (Herod's Palace), Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Shop in Old City. [Stay in Jerusalem, 4 star]

Day 17 - Depart Tel-Aviv for Istanbul to New York with a lifetime of Bible memories!

Other Details

Hotels: Excellent 4 and 5 star!

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner (Supper) included.  Excludes beverages.

Transportation: Air, Bus and Boat transportation included.

Price: Our pricing has consistently been $1000-$1500 under trips somewhat similar to ours.  We say “somewhat similar” as most trips do not begin to cover the content of our trips (fewer sites, shorter duration, fewer countries) let alone providing the unique travel/site resources we have developed.  As a charitable organization we don’t do this to make a profit – we’re all about people learning the Bible!

Intensity: As always in the Middle East, there’s daily walking which includes uphill – participants should be prepared to walk a few miles (kilometers) each day.  Most days have a full itinerary, some days are shortened to allow relaxation or optional experiences.